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Robust submersible motor agitators

Fields of application

The submersible agitators are particularly suitable for the homogenization of liquid manure, sewage sludge and biogas substrates.

Compact design

Due to compact design and streamlined shape, the engines are notably energy-efficient. The usage of Burgmann face seals guarantees a long product life.

Your benefits

Your benefits concerning biogas plants

Your benefits concerning liquid manure application

Efficiency / operating expense

The compact design, the flow-optimized propeller and the 4-pole motor with a proficient power factor (cos phi) guarantee optimum efficiency. Height adjustment and lateral pivoting allow the fine tuning for an effective mixing performance. The advantages are a strong agitation effect with low energy costs.


AT-MIX agitators are equipped with a seal monitoring device (gear oil conductivity) and with temperature sensors built into the motor’s winding. The evaluation unit for seal monitoring is included with delivery.


Simple and quick installation, also in case of tanks which are already filled. Maintenance or replacement is possible even with a filled tank (after slightly lowering the fluid level).
Mounting configurations: By usage of the illustrated installation variants the AT-MIX can be adjusted to the filling level of the silo in the most optimal way. The flow direction can also be determined in order to achieve the most effective agitation results. The square tube and the carrier cable are made of stainless steel (AISI). A transport trolley is available for use in underground tanks or manure channels.


The AT-MIX is absolutely easy to service. When using fully synthetic oil the oil change intervals can be prolonged up to 3 years.

Design and quality

The AT-MIX was designe das a water pressure tight monobloc with an integrated gearbox. Corrosion resistant screws, a high level of tightness and a careful selection of the installed components (Burgmann face seals, propeller made of C 52-3, special cables) as well as the CNC-controlled manufacturing along with a thorough final check guarantee a long product life and a high degree of reliability. The AT-MIX was engineered for continuous operation and comes with industrial quality.

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