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Submersible motor pump PTS

Pumps for biogas plants

Modern pumps of the latest generation!

In most of the biogas plants liquid substrates are being used or solid substrates are liquefied.
For this reason pumps are of major importance. The range of pumping tasks varies a lot. The charging of separators and heat exchangers only needs low performance. Concerning tank truck loading, however, biogas plant operators are demanding for an extremely high performance.
At times, gas-emitting liquids have to be pumped. Another challenge for the applicable technology is the extremely acidic seepage liquor from clamp silos.
Here are some basic recommendations, but this information cannot replace expert professional advice.

Respecting the various pumping tasks and the different customer demands which arise in reply to these questions, we offer a diversity of pumps and pumping systems.

Pump recommendation PTS ETO/ETV DGP Eccentric screw pump Rotary pump
Receiving tank ** * ** ** **
Mixing tank ** * ** ** **
Pumping station o o * ** **
Drum filling station ** ** ** * *
Loading of separators ** ** * * *
All information is subject to change. A professional consultation is suggested.
** eminently suitable    * suitable    o partly suitable    - unsuitable