Gate valves

Gate valves

Hand lever operation or via hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder

Series ‚Perla‘: the low-priced standard gate valve

The gate valve can be operated using either a hand lever or a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. For this type position sensors are available.

Series ‚Gladio‘: especially for liquids with floating substances

This gate valve was developed especially for liquids which contain floating substances, e.g. maize remains. These materials may lead to clogging in the ports of brass valves. This does not happen with the valves of the series ‘Gladio’.

The gate valve can be applied with rectangular brass valves and circular flanges, thus making them suitable for modification solutions.

The gate valve can be operated using a hand lever, a hand wheel or a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. Position sensors are available.

Series ‚Nerone‘: a versatile three-way stopcock

The three-way stopcock ‚Nerone‘ is available with hand lever, actuating drive and extension piece for subsurface installation. The flanges are consistent with the brass valve flanges.


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