Eccentric screw pump

Eccentric screw pump

Eccentric screw pumps captivate by their plain design. The pressure arises at a point inside the pump where no bearings or seals are located.

Rotors and stators are made of various solid and reliable materials. Therefore it is easy to choose the suitable combination of material for most of the liquids.

Eccentric screw pumps are used in those cases where liquid manure or biogas substrate with a high content of dry matter has to be conveyed or where high pressure is needed because of long pipelines.

Due to the high suction power, eccentric screw pumps are particularly suitable for central pumping stations.

A wide range of various sizes allows discharge quantities between 10 and 90 cubic meters per hour and peak pressures up to 8 bar. The careful selection of the components guarantees maximum quality, maintainability and a good price-performance ratio.


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