Pipe systems

Pipe systems

The pipe system, also known as vacuum system, is placed underneath the shallow manure channels. Similar to a bathtub, the inlet nozzles of the system are closed by plugs. For discharging the manure out of the stable the plug has to be pulled up and the slurry will flow through the pipe directly into the receiving pit. The system is suitable for pure pig slurry.


  • Low building costs and a good stable climate due to the shallow manure channels
  • Short construction times due to shallow channels
  • Economic efficiency concerning investment and operation
  • Considerable reduction of fly population and pollutant gases, therefore beneficial for animal health
  • Wear-free and durable, made of plastics material without mechanical parts
  • Fast and optimized draining
  • Many customer references from Germany and abroad
  • Pumps can be used for dry setup


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Central discharge of manure with closing/opening valves

Below ground level underneath the channels, PVC pipes (200 mm) and specifically developed tees with different connection diameters are to be laid.
The pipe ends are delivered pre-cut – there is no need for cutting in situ.
The closing valve is equipped with a socket branch. The valve is located at the end of the channel. When closed, it holds back the liquid manure, whereby the manure channel is going to fill up with pig slurry.

The risk of formation of hydrogen sulfide when liquid manure is set in motion makes it essential to ensure that the storage of the slurry in the channel should not exceed 14 days.
After opening the valve by lifting an especially designed plastic ball inside, the liquid manure is conveyed by suction out of the channel into the manure pit until the channel is completely empty.
The opening of the valve should take place every 14 days because hydrogen sulfide may form after a period of about 17 days having a bad impact on animal health.

Due to years of experience, we surely know the exact lengths and widths to accomplish a fully operational manure channel, depending on the livestock species.


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