Liquid manure technology

Benefit from our experience of about 30 years

In close cooperation with our customer and the architect we create proposals for practical solutions and special services for a variety of tasks. For example, we have constructed a turn-key liquid manure system, including a slurry tank with a volume of 98 m³, for the Federal Agricultural Research Centre (FAL) in Braunschweig-Völkenrode. In Belarus near Grodno we have equipped a dairy cattle station with a manure removal system, a liquid manure system and two slurry tanks (volume each 4000 m³). In Russia near Belgorod we were able to develop a solution on the issue of agitating a livestock manure storage with a volume of about 80,000 m³.

Our business includes engineering, delivery and assembly of vacuum piping systems for pig slurry with pumps for the receiving cesspit and submersible agitators for the manure tank as well as the realization of slalom systems for free-stall barns. We also offer safe and reliable solutions for flat walking ways with cross channels.

Please contact us if there are any questions concerning your actual manure system or your existing technology. We gladly offer advice in finding the most suitable solution for you.

Pumps PTSETO/ETVDGPEccentric screw pumpRotary pump
Receiving cesspit Pig slurry *** * ** * *
Cross channel Pig slurry *** * ** * *
System without receiving pit Pig slurry ** *** * * *
Head tank
Underground tank
Pig slurry *** * * * *
Receiving pit Cattle slurry *** o *** * *
Cross channel Cattle slurry *** o *** * *
Slalom system Cattle slurry *** o *** * *
Head tank
Underground tank
Cattle slurry *** * * * *

Dry setup of the pumps is possible (i.e. without receiving pit).

AgitatorsSubmersible motor mixerElectric agitator L-E1Electric agitator SpeedTractor-hitched agitator Type EArticulated mixerLagoon
Receiving pit *** o o o * o
Cross channel *** *** *** * * o
Slalom system *** *** *** * * o
Head tank *** * * o *** o
Underground tank *** ** ** *** *** ***
Lagoons * * * * ** ***

All information is subject to change.                               ** eminently suitable    * suitable    o partly suitable    - unsuitable
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We realize projects with a focus on liquid manure technology and biogas technology.