Tractor-hitched agitator Type E

Tractor-hitched agitator Type E

The long shaft mixer Type E is equipped with a solid three-point-bracket and an adjustable stirring nozzle.

This agitator has proven best for use in long, deep and open manure channels.

The stirring nozzle being mounted at an angle of 30° offers several advantages in comparison to other manure agitators.

The agitator can be lifted up to the desired height during the mixing process by means of the built-in hydraulic cylinder. The stirring nozzle at an angle of 30° and about 1000 mm long can be tilted 45° from the front by a separate adjusting spindle.

The entire construction is hot-dip galvanized and the rolling contact bearings are maintenance-free.
Permitted maximum speed: 1000 RPM


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