Cross channel

Cross channel

The cross channel takes the liquid manure flowing in from the manure removal system or from other slurry channels.

The pump being installed in the cross channel conveys the manure to the storage tank. In order to keep the slurry in a homogeneous and pumpable state, it is possible to mount a flushing line which is connected to the pump.

Under difficult conditions or with large systems, it has proven successful to accomplish the cross channel as an annular channel and to install a separate agitator. For this purpose, submersible motor mixers or long shaft agitators, equipped with electric motor and internal timer, are very suitable.

Our product recommendations

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  • - Tristar with more efficient three blade propeller

Our advice:

By using submersible mixers you can save on costs because there is no need for building mixer ducts.

The installation kit (mixer tunnel) is available in stainless steel. There are no galvanized parts in the manure transition area.

The submersible agitators AT-Mix and TBM are equipped with large wings at low rotational speed. This increases efficiency especially when handling thick cattle slurry.


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