Thick slurry pump DGP

Thick slurry pump DGP

The typical stationary / long shaft pump
with electric motor or PTO drive

Thick matter pump with electric motor

All pumps

  • Pump casing / engine casing: GG 25 (grey cast iron)
  • Three-way valve GG 25 (grey iron) or stainless steel
  • Impeller: steel welded and armored
  • Sealing: rotationally independent face seal resp. plain bearing with lubricating pipe in stainless steel
  • Bearing: thrust / needle bearing in oil bath resp. plain bearing
  • Intermediate bearing: depending on length of pump every 1.5 to 1.8 meters
  • Thtough shaft 35 mm
  • Jacket pipe, wall thickness 5 mm
  • Stirring nozzle with horizontal and vertical swivel
  • Drive rating: 5 – 22 kW
  • Discharge head: 8 – 25 meters
  • Discharge flow: 3000 – 6000 l/min
Thick matter pump with PTO drive

See description of electric pump

  • Heavy-duty angular gear with PTO drive, moving in oil bath
  • Speed: 540 RPM
  • Drive rating: up to 120 HP
  • Discharge head: up to 28 meters
  • Discharge flow: up to 10 000 l/min

The pumps are available with or without stirring nozzle. At a pit depth of 3.50 meters , an additional stirring nozzle is advisable. Universal applications; option for a second oil chamber at a pump length of 5 meters.

Pumps are as well available in stainless steel (V2A, material no. 1.4301 AISI) at additional charge.

Application fields

Receiving cesspit or receiving tank, mixing tank. The thick slurry pump DGP is available also as a center box-type pump. Depending on the medium, the pump can be equipped with top entry or bottom entry, with face seal and oil filling or with greasable plain bearings.

Your benefit

The thick slurry pump DGP is a very solid and efficient device.

Scope of supply

The scope of delivery can be defined individually.


Easy and fast installation which can be carried out under own management.


Maintenance is limited to visual and acoustic check and oil level control.


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