Large wing mixer Fankhauser

Application fields

This agitator was developed especially for use in hydrolysis tanks, fermenters and secondary fermenters.

Mode of operation

The arrangement of stirring rod and stirring wings will cause a circular flow of manure and a thorough mixing in horizontal and vertical direction. By means of four stirring blades with a diameter of 2.30 meters a very efficient intermixture of floating and sinking layers can be achieved. When feeding the fermenter with co-substrates the large wing mixer is operated with a nominal speed of 25 RPM. Afterwards the speed is reduced to 10% of rated capacity by means of a frequency converter so that the biomass is kept flowing slightly.

Gas evolution will be pushed and more biogas is produced in less time. The retention time of biomass in the fermenter therefore becomes shorter.

Your benefit
  • No clogging and no twining, not even with long-fibre materials
  • Thorough intermixture horizontally and vertically
  • Smooth and gentle stirring with 25 RPM
  • Maintenance-free
  • All submersible parts are made of stainless steel (inox steel).
  • No adjustment necessary
  • High efficiency in terms of high content of dry matter
  • All drive system components are located outside the wet manure area.
  • Long product life
  • Low energy consumption
  • Variable RPM / rating
  • Maximum height of container: 8.0 m
  • Drive ratings: 11 kW or 15 kW
  • Rotational speed: 25 RPM
  • Mixer blades: 4 x ø 2.30 m
  • Length of stirring rod: 2.50 to 4.50 meters in steps of 0.50 m
  • Sealing / bearing: plain bearing with gland packing or ball bearing with face seal
  • Material: stainless steel inside the container, hot-dip galvanized for exterior shell of the container, also available as stainless steel (option)
Main advantages
  • Better intermixture of floating and sinking layers
  • Faster decomposition of floating layers
  • Shorter stirring times
  • Mixing at low RPM and less energy consumption

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