An agitator for ceiling or lateral installation and with additional features

Your benefit

  • Gentle stirring due to low speed
  • Top performance with high level of efficiency by means of correspondingly shaped propeller with a diameter of 1400 mm
  • Cantilever-mounted agitator shaft, therefore no bearing inside the fermenter
  • Inclination angle at any time adjustable steplessly from 20° to 40°
  • Motor ratings from 11 to 22 kW
  • Rotation speed up to 112 RPM, depending on motor output
  • Adjustable via frequency converter
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Fastening systems available for most types of container
  • Extremely maintenance-friendly design
  • Gear motor Ex-protected
  • Use of gear units with a low noise level
  • Basing on the modular principle, adjustments of the motor output in combination with the propeller speed are possible at any time.
  • Use of high-quality material
  • Available both for ceiling and for wall installation

Application fields

Fermenter, secondary fermenter

Your benefit concerning biogas plants

The biogas agitator Bo-Bu-Mix is a robust mixer with low to medium speed ratings and offers very high peak performances especially for dry matter whose contents vary between medium and high. A high degree of safety is ensured by sealing with strong expansion joints and the use of ATEX-motors.

Installation and maintenance

Installation and maintenance can be performed easily from the outside.

Design and quality

High-class components plus a robust design lead to a long product life.


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